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This part of the project is designed to provide resources to people who want to use JILetters to help their children learn the alphabet. JILetters  is not designed with the idea of replacing an adult who should facilitate the learning. Moreover, JILetters is about provoking learning opportunities and giving assistance in presenting the alphabet.

This means that whilst JILetters might provide some useful activities in the future, there is nothing to stop adults from using this program and directing those activities now.

Request for help

Currently, we have two developers working on the java side of JILetters (myself and Philipp). We are finding that due to other committments, that development can be at times slow. If you have java skills, please feel free to join in with this development.

Alternatively, if you use JILetters and are an educational technologist, but don't have any java programming skills, please feel free to help develop materials for this piece of software. Your input will be just as vital as that of the software, as it will help direct how the software is used. Please email adamc[at]linuxmail.removespam.org if you wish to be involved (take out the removespam). We would appreciate your help.

Technical details

If you feel that you're not technically minded, or want to be, please feel free to ignore this part. Basically, it spells out how the resources are managed and how you could use the system that we are using to hold them.

Currently, the resources will be held as html files in a CVS repository - this will allow us to develop them in conjunction with other educationalists, if they want to be involved. Not only that, it means that we can make the resources a part of the download section in the sourceforge project page. The CVS repository is mirrored here on the site so that people can also use the materials on the web. A cron job updates them every hour.

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